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Learn, earn, and live well in Syracuse

West Side Learning Center (WSLC)

West Side Learning Center offers English-Language Learning (ELL) adults a variety of classes and 1:1 tutorials to enhance multiple competencies in literacy, technology, and vocational skills; access employment; and link with community resources.

Education, training, and employment services for English-language learning adults

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Together, we:
Provide a culturally-responsive learning environment
Build on individual strengths
Improve English fluency
Promote multiple-language learning
Assist adults in reaching self sufficiency
Facilitate access to community resources

In our school we offer:

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

  • Basic, intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced
  • Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing
  • Computer adapted courses for ESOL students

VESOL (Vocational English for Speakers of Other Languages)

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  • Vocational English and Training
  • Teaching Assistant/Literacy Coach
  • Office Technology Assistant
  • Health Careers
  • Internships, in area businesses & schools
  • Credential translations for Higher Ed outcomes

CCC (Cross-Cultural Connections)

Seminars in language acquisition and cross-cultural competencies are offered to the community at-large.  Current participants include the City of Syracuse Police Department, LeMoyne College Physician Assistant graduate students, Syracuse University Health and Nutrition students, and local businesses.

JOB Link!

Find a job…Keep your job!

  • Access to employment
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Applications
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Workplace English
  • Credential Translations, English/Spanish

Volunteers In Action

  • Be part of our learning team! Tutors, Language Partners, Teacher Aides, are welcome!

Computer Literacy Skills

  • Intro to computers, Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, and Outlook

English for Academic Success

  • Preparation for training and/or college